It’s about Time — Part 1

Sarah woke up late today. Her hair shifting underneath her head as she struggled to turn to the side. Something heavy was laying on her chest. As she opened her eyes she realized what was wrong. She had been in a terible accident. It all felt so distant, like looking through a thin glass of milk. Just as she was remembering, a person in a white coat entered her vision. “You’re finally awake!” he said. “Good to see you back with us.”

Sarah was stunned. Her mind racing. Desperately trying to remember what had happened.

“Just leave the past alone, it has no place here!” the person said in a forceful but gentle way.

Sarah tried to make a sound, yet all that came out was a meager squeak. Like a bird that had been choked.

“Relax. You will be free to speak when you find the right words.”

Sarah stared at the person, trying to understand what was happening. He couldn’t be a doctor, she thought.

“No, I am most certainly not. And neither are you sick.” he answered methodically.

‘Did he just read her mind?’, she thought, trying to do anything to keep the growing fear from absorbing her.

“In a sense, yes. Though let’s not get stuck on technicalities here.”

As she tried to move again she pondered, ‘This is insane, I must be dreaming.’

“Not insane, dreaming in a sense yes. Just in case you are wondering, you won’t be moving for the rest of your life here.”, his dark eyes glittering with a hint of something Sarah had not seen before.

‘What the hell is going on?’ she screamed in her head.

“Ah! Now we are getting somewhere. Remember the first thing you did as you where waking up?”

Confused she thought, ‘I moved my hair’ and as she thought that, she felt another wiggling of her hair.

“Very good. How about you move your ‘hair’ towards me.” the person suggested.

As Sarah considered the impossibility of moving her hair she saw a metallic tube extend towards the person. It recoiled just as quickly as Sarah had seen it, disappearing back out of vision.

“Did it startle you?” the man asked sympathetically.

‘What was that?’ Sarah thought, trying to keep the urge, to touch the man, down.

“‘That’ was what you call ‘hair’. otherwise know as a Mono Automated Numerator” the man lectured.

Curiosly she extended her hair back into her field of vision. It look just like a metal tube, yet now it was glowing in a greenish hue. The entirity of it looking more like a radioactive leaf of a tree. Before her eyes it grew out a flower. Powerless to do or think anything, Sarah stared at the flower, barely registering the butterfly that was approaching it.

Just before the winged creature landed, Sarah felt a gust of wind on her hair. As it landed she felt every touch of the butterfly on the petals. The slow and careful exploration of the flower by the creature tickled her. It felt so cerene as the butterfly started drinking from the flower. Like he was slowly sucking the thoughts and fears out of her. Everything around her slowed to a halt as the feeling of love overtook her mind. Not able to do anything but stand there and feel the butterfly drink from her.

Part 2

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