The Upload — Part 1

William had been sitting at his desk all day, trying to finish the brochure for a client. After four days of tireless work, he was finally done. It was a masterpiece. The client would be so happy with it. He allowed himself a pause. Just to feel the accomplishment.

It had never been easy to make a living. His wife is a high school teacher and the steady income was enough to be able to live. Altough he sometimes dreamed of a better life, he was still happy.

It would take a couple of days for the hard copies to be made and he fellt like celebrating. Ruminating over what he wanted to do, his daughter Andrea came into the room. „Have you seen my paint brush?“, she said before noticing the open brochure on the computer screen. Here eyes light up a little. „You finished it?! Wow, this looks amazing.“ William turned to his daughter. „Yeah, it is.“ then he opened one of the drawers next to him. „You left it on the table yesterday!“, handing her the brush. „Thank you! I searched my whole room for it.“ „Would you like to take a walk?“, William asked, gesturing to the outside. „Of course, I‘ve been a bit down.“ Andrea said. „Oh? What is the matter?“ asked William while the were walking downstairs. „Well, school was pretty draining the last couple of days. Our teachers have put so many exams within this week. I barely have one day without exams.“ As they walked out of the door, William said: „I‘ll talk with your teachers, that is clearly to much in a week.“ He knew the teachers were not allowed to put exams on the same day, as well as no more than two exams per week.

„ Have you heard anything from Noah this week?“, Andrea asked. „No he has been pretty quiet lately, I think he has got a lot on his mind right now.“ They were just going past the neighbours house, as a little blue bird decided to hopp in front of them. Both of them halted, to not scare it away. The bird chirped friendly. Andrea crouched down slowly and moved her hand towards the bird. The bird hopped onto her hand. William pulled out his Leica camera as Andrea was petting the bird. It still chriped happily. William quickly took a picture. Spreading it‘s wings, the bird flew of just a moment latter.

„Its feathers were so soft.“ Andrea noticed. „I have not seen such a bird before.“ They continued their walk, until they came back to the house. As they approached the same bird was sitting on a lamp next to the door. Chirping happily. Moments later it flew away.

After sending the email to Andreas teachers and having an nice dinner with the rest of the family. William went for a walk with Timmy the dog. The weekend he spent with his family. Sunday evening he decided to check his email, to find two new mails. The first was from the printing company, telling him that he would receive the printed copies on thuesday. The second was from the mental hospital, that Noah is living at. Apparently, had he been halucinating again, only this time he was very lucid afterwards. Saying that he had visited his brother William, to see how they are doing. He had described that he had disguised himself as a blue bird and had met William and his daughter.

William could not believe what he was reading, could it be true? Noah had fallen out of the window on the 10th floor, to miraculously survive. Only to be diagnosed with extreme depression and sent to the hospital.

Part 2

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