The Shift

Note from the Author:
This is a conversation between me an my inspiration.

It has been a few days since I have had the time to write something.

  • I forgive you.

What am I supposed to do next?

  • just write something

I am unsure what to write about, got any ideas?

  • Nope

Wow you are really no help today!

  • Thanks

So what are we going to do now then?

  • Just write something

Hmm. I am getting a bit angry now.

  • Just relax and write, man.

Something shifted in his mind the moment he had writen this.

  • Nah, that sounds like crap.

Ok, ok. so what else should I write then?

  • this.

Huh? that makes absolutely no sense, I am trying to get you to give me an idea?

  • Damn, is it that hard to understand. Just write this!

This is bullshit!

  • See that worked.

Nothing worked, I am still hoping for an idea here.

  • got nothing. Lots of it.

The telephone rings and I am away talking with a friend for an hour

  • See that worked beautifully.

What in three devils are you talking about?

  • You’ll know.

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