It’s about Time — Part 2

Authors Note:
If you have not read Part 1, I highly recommend starting there.

“Hey Sarah” said a distant voice. “Are you still with us?”

It took Sarah a moment to focus. ‘Had she been dreaming? No, that felt too real.’

“Ah good, good. I see you have explored using you ‘hair’ a bit.”

‘Wow, wait a minute, wasn’t I just somewhere else? This is unreal.’

“Afraid not, this is quite real. And, yes, in a sense you were not here.”

For the first time since Sarah could remember she saw a smile on the mans’ face. Confusion came over her. ‘Did he have a face before? This is all to strange.’

“Actually, no I did not. But I figured you might need a friendly face after your exchange”

‘Wait a minute. What exchange are you talking about?’

“The butterfly had beautiful wings, did it not?”

‘How do you know about that?’, she pondered curiously.

“That is a tale for another time.” the man said stricly. “I think it is time for you to sleep. May you have a deep and restful slumber”

Before Sarah could form any more thought, she felt herself falling. Like she was dropping out of a plane. Even the caress of the wind was there. Opening her eyes was easier than before. Also she could move her body. ‘What is this fog?’ she thought. Suddenly the fog cleared, as she exited the clouds. Her mind suddenly engulfed by awe at the sight below her.

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