The Upload — Part 2

Authors Note:
If you have not read Part 1, I highly recommend starting there.

Noah had been in and out of conciousness for the past couple of days. His mind drifting among the worlds of his imagination. There was a lot going on. Seeing all the different ideas come to fruition.

He had been building an entire world, where there was no harm. Where people could be or do anything without actually harming anyone else. There was lot’s to discover, from magical places that would allow the visitor to transcend reality to be or do anything they wanted to. Yet there was some pain in his world.

Noah knew that his view good and evil would always corrupt a world that he would create. There was nothing he could do. Yet he wanted so much to be able to participate in these worlds. He was angry at himself, for being denied to experience this beauty, with his mind being stuck in this bodily prison.

One night he found himself laying awake in his room in the mental institution. He had been crying. Out of relief, joy and happyness. He had been visited by what the world would call an angel. Feeling the absolute connection to everything he was lost in that moment.

A knock at the door, shook him from his trance. Wiping away his tears, he went to open the door.

The nurse stood on the other side, a bottle of pills in hand. “Your evening regiment, I noticed you did not join us today.”, she said. To him the nurse looked as tired as he felt. “I’ll take them now.” Noah said somewhat disheartened.

There was a reason he had not been with the others all day. He had finally found a way to get himself out of the pain and anger, only to discover that he accepted his situation and was ready to make a change. He would do the walk and pretend that the world was fine. Just until he could figure out how to get himself out of it.

It took only a couple of days before he would find a moment in which he could escape the place. He was allowed to buy zigarettes at a lokal supermarket. The moment he was out of the hospital, with a taste of freedom. He ran as fast as his legs could take him. He would never stop running again. He felt so exhilarated. He had finally done it. He was free.

The Upload – Part 3

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