It’s about Time — Part 3

If you have not read Part 1, I highly recommend starting there.

The Author

She was falling into a vortex of colors. Spiraling around her. Expanding and contracting, ever shifting around her. A lesser mind would be afraid, yet she felt calm. Letting herself get drawn in by the dazzeling colors.

“Hey, you drifting off again?” asked a familiar yet distant voice. Sarah wanted to stay where she was. Unfortunately the voice called her again: “Are you sure, you are ready for that?”

Groggily her eyes refocused. There he was again, that man dressed in white. Unable to move a muscle she moved her hair towards him. Not scared of him, not curious anymore. No in her mind burned a deep anger. She had been so close to escaping, tasted the freedom, the bliss and relief. Yet no matter how hard she tried, she could not bring herself to move her hair against him.

Screaming in her head, she raged against the invisible bonds. She wanted to be free. To do as she liked for once. Suddenly she remembered what had happend all those years ago. Before this hell.

It was 1998 then. She had been driving her car to the kindergarden. Wanted to pick up her five year old son. When a man in white had stepped in front of her car. In order to avoid a collision, she had pulled to the right. Heading straight for a truck. The last thing she remembered seeing was the man pulling her from the wreckage. Unable to stay concious she had awoke many days later, with barely any recollection of who she was or what had happend. She was strapped to a bed.

The bed was moving slowly through a large drumming machine. She felt no pain, yet she knew that she was going to die. Her body had felt cold and alien.

Ever since that day, she had been trapped here, looking at the room with the man in white standing right in front of her. He had always found a way of distracting her from the truth.

‘I have not been alive in a very long time’ she thought, know very well that he would be able to read those thoughts.

“No you have not been. Tell me what year do you think we have right now?”

Stunned by the direkt answer, without any denial, she was speechless. It took her a couple of moments to realize he had posed a question. ‘I do not know, maybe 2012?’ she answered.

“Not quite, though somewhat accurate. It is now the 2012th year after the Great Divide. The year everything changed.” he said sorrowfully. “You are the last survivor of Humanity as you knew it.”

‘What? You look pretty human to me!’, she remarked confused.

“Well, what I look like and what I am are two very different things. I have taken this form in order for you to be able to relate better to what I have to tell you.”

‘Oh really? Suddenly you think it is a good time to start to actually tell me something?’, she screamed. Only to be shocked back into silence as she heard her own voice.

“I have dropped the filters that kept you from perceiving yourself.” he stated clinically. “You do not have to be scared anymore, the time of self-doubt has an end now.”

‘What do you mean?’, Sarah said. Listing to the somewhat robotic sounding voice that reverberated in the small room. ‘Wow, this is strange!’

“Let me explain it this way, you are the first and only human conciousness that was successfully copied.”

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