The Upload – Part 3

If you have not read Part 1, I highly recommend starting there.

The Author

It had been a couple of weeks since Andrea had seen the blue bird. But she still remembered it like a moment ago. She was trying to paint the bird from her memory, yet did not quite find the right color. ‘It has been over two weeks, why can I not find the right color?’ she mused. ‘It was a bright blue, almost silvery.’

A knock at the door disturbed her thoughts. “Mind if I come in?” her father asked. “I know that you miss him, but you will have to move on at some point.” ‘Oh, not this speech again’, Andrea thought. “I know, I know. But he is such a good person. I just can not understand why it always happens to the best.” “You have not seen all the things he did, he has hurt a great many people” William replied sternly. “Still he has never done anything bad to us.”, Andrea fought back.

“Well, what about the day he jumped? Do you really think he thought that he would help us in any way?” “I think he did not see any other alternatives any more.” “And why would that be the case, he has always gotten his way in life.” “There is so much more to life, that he never experienced.” “What? He was succesful, had money and a family who supported him. What more could he have wanted?”

“I do not want to talk about this anymore.”, Andrea said. William had been getting more and more agitated during the course of the discussion and she did not want to see him that way. “Actually, I am almost done with painting the blue bird we saw!”, she said, trying to lead to a nicer subject.

“Hmm, you really have a good eye. However you seem to be missing a color, huh?”, William remarked. He was fully aware that she did not want to talk about this subject any longer and went along with it as he did not want to fight about Noah any longer. “I think, I have just the right color for you.”

He rumaged through the bag he had brought with him. “Really? That would be amazing!” He pulled forth a small bottle of silvery blue paint. “It’s called metallic sky blue.”, he explained. “You might be able to mix it with some dark grey, for shading.”

“Thank you so much. I’ve been looking for a color like it for the past week or so.”, Andrea said jumping into his arms.

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