The Reversal

So, how’s your day?

  • Fine, I guess.

Wanna write something?

  • Nah, don’t really feel like it.

Ah come on, you’ve been sitting at your desk doing exacly nothing for the past 20 minutes.

  • Ok, ok. Just relax, let me put some music on…

I finally had a moment to myself, only to have my inspiration barge in and start hammering ideas into my brain.

So, are you ready yet? I’ve been very patient with you. You asked for this remember?

  • Yeah, I do remember. And really cannot for the life of me figure out why I would ask such a thing.

Man, here I am. Waiting all day to give you some ideas. As soon as you are home, you just want to relax? Get up!

I felt a little jolt to my brain and I jumped in my seat.

See! I can be proactive! Now let’s get down to it, ok?

  • Alrighty, let’s get to it…

About an hour or two later, my fingers finally stop producing words.

Whew, I am fresh out of ideas now. Feels good though, huh?

  • I guess. My Back hurts, my fingers ake and my brain still hurts.

Keep on whining, you won’t be so lucky next time…

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