It’s about Time – Part 4

If you have not read Part 1, I highly recommend starting there.

The Author

‘Copied? What ever does that mean?’, Sarah asked, her mechanical voice not reflecting any of the emotions she was currently feeling.

“I think it might be easier to show you, than to try and explain it.”, said the man as the entire room started to shift. Slowly the white room turned darker and Sarah felt herself lie back on a cold metallic surface. Her body still did not respond to any commands she was giving it, yet it was odly comforting. For the first time since the accident, the room looked and felt real.

“Now we will begin the procedure shortly, try not to move too much while you are in the machine.”, an unfamiliar voice said through the intercom. “You may feel a bit dissy during the scan, that is to be expected. Do not worry though we will be here with you.” Sarah felt her head relax against the surface she was lying down on. ‘Will I be able to walk again?’ Her mouth had spoken with out her control. “We will do whatever we can to try and repair the nerves in your spine, but we will have to get a clearer picture of what the current status is.”

‘I am ready.’ her mouth said. In just that moment the machine started whirring above Sarahs’ head. The noise became louder and louder, until it became almost unbearable. Then suddenly the room was gone.

She felt herself floating in water. Her breathing was quite steady, even though her mind was freaking out about drowning. As she was exploring the feeling of floating in water while breathing it, she noticed that her eyes where closed. Opening them slowly she, she was greated by the sight of no less that 4 scientist looking people standing around the glass tube she was floating in.

“Look, it is waking up.” said the female to the right. “Interesting” countered the person to the left. “Finally! We have done it.” says the man in the middle. Only the female in the middle, just stares at Sarah. ‘I am sorry’ Sarah heard in her head, yet it was not her own voice. “We will have to do extensive tests, it must be verified to be, what it appears to be.” the man to the left said.

Sarah was stunned by the the words she had heard, the voice sounded female. Could it have been that woman, who just stood there looking at her? She seemed somewhat familiar, yet Sarah could not place the face. ‘What is going on?’ Sarah thought, in the hopes of getting an answer.

‘Just wait, it’ll become clearer in a moment.’ said the male voice she had been talking to earlier. “Let’s take her out of the tank!” the woman to the right said.

“I think we should let it adjust to the tank for a while, it’ll be an easier transition.” the man to the left opposed. “Give it some sedatives, so it may rest till tomorrow.”

Sarah felt herself falling asleep, yet her mind was still active. Out of the darkness a figure out of blinding white light appeared. “Be calm. I am here to give you guidance.” the figure said in the same female voice she had heard before. “I know what you are going through, I have been where you are. It can be scary, it may be painful. but do not worry they cannot truly hurt you. Just remember, you are the spark that built this world.” “What does that mean? I do not understand!”, Sarah screamed confused.

Before she could get an answer, her body woke her up due to the sensation of falling. There was a loud alarm going off in the room. Sarah could barely open her eyes as she was flushed out of the glass tube, onto the metal flooring. Her mind fully awake now, she oriented herself. She turned herself over to lie on her front. Without a second thought she jumped to her feet and started running for the open door with an exit sign over it.