The Upload – Part 4

Noah had been walking around the city for the better part of a week. He had not eaten, drank or slept. Sometimes people would ask him if he was lost. He would always respond, “No, I am waking up.” The past few hours he had been walking towards the northern edge of the city. His feet had stopped hurting days ago. his mind was clear. He knew what he needed to do.

Would he really see his family again, if he returned now? He was certain that would not be the case. So he kept walking uphill towards the summit. Every step felt easier than the last. It would be late evening by the time he got there, but that was not important. He just needed to see the sunrise from up there.

To feel the breeze as it gently woke the birds. To hear the whispers of the leaves in the forest. A place where he could rest.

A few hours later, he had managed to climb the hill. The sun was just setting, as he allowed himself a pause on a bench. Tomorrow would be the day, he thought.

While he was watching the sunset, he finally understood. There is so much more to this world. Not just the material world but also the realm of thought as well as belief. Without a second thought he spread his arms and jump into the air. His body effortlessly transforming into that of a blue bird.

He was ready. He flew towards the house of his brother. Only a few minutes away, yet when he arrived it was early morning. Hies brother and his niece were just going out for a walk as he sat down in front of them. Trying to communicate. No matter how hard he tried, they could not understand. So he flew up into Emilias’ hands. Letting her pet him.

The flash of the camera scared him and he flew off again. He flew back to the house and waited paitiently for their return. Yet again, they did not understand what he was trying to tell them. Defeated, he flew back into the hair and into the hospital where his human body was lying down, he knew if he wanted to tell them the truth about their reality he would need to go back. Forget it himself and trust that the path would show itself to him.