It’s about Time – Part 5

If you have not read Part 1, I highly recommend starting there.

The Author

As Sarah emerged from the building, her sense were overwhelmed by a plethora of sights, sounds and smells. It was as though she was experiencing the world for the first time. Yet she had been here many times before.

As she walked down the narrow path away from the building, she noticed a little blue bird sitting on the edge of a nearby bench. Approaching it slowly she noticed something in its eye. The bird had the most fiery red iris she had ever seen. They almost seemed to jump out at her. Against her best intentions, she felt some fear rise up in her.

Suddenly the bird open its mouth and spoke: “This must be very confusing to you. But do not worry, we all went through it the first time we got here.” Did the bird really just speak, Sarah asked herself. “Who are you?”, she asked the bird. “A guide, if you wish. An enemy if you dare. A lover if you like.” the bird answered happily.

“A lover you say?” Sarah blurted out. “The best.”, the bird responded, hopping a couple of steps to the side. Sarah sat down on the bench next to the bird. When she looked back to where the bird had been sitting, the bench was empty. As she felt some sadness rise in her, she tought of the man in white. ‘What is this place, is it even real?’

“May I have this dance?”, a tall dark haired man asked, offering a hand to her. Pulled from her thought she looked at the hand and saw her own laying in it. The man gently pulled her into embracing dancing stance.