The Upload – Part 5

Coming out of the hospital, Charlotte felt drained. She had been working with the mentally ill all day. They can go from loving to self-destructive in a heartbeat. Never quite in the moment of loving kindness that is around them. Sometimes she needed to be very forceful with them, keeping them from harming themselves. Other times she would need to be a loving figure, helping them out of their depression. There never was a dull moment in all of though and she did love every moment of it.

But today was different, she had been talking to Noah all day. He had been in the hospital for a little over a year now, not speaking. Yet today he had come up to her and just started by asking her how her day was. It felt so strange, here was a man that had been a sobbing, crying mess for the past year. Then suddenly out of nowhere he had as he had put it “come back”. She had read about this many times, that patients would suddenly snap out of their depression, but she had not experienced it before. Did he really overcome his sadness, she asked herself. Was there hope in even the deepest and darkest of emotional places?

It had been an amazing day up and until that moment. ‘What had he said?’ she tried to remember. ‘Where there is the will, there is a path.’ Charlotte had had many talks with patients, but he had gotten under her skin. ‘Was he lying? Did he try to fake being normal or is it just my imagination? Could it be that someone would just get over their depression?’

‘This world is in need, in need of a wake up call.’, he had said. Charlotte had heard this before, from different patients. During a lucid moment they would ask if they were awake. But his words had carried the meaning. ‘I want to get home and just forget this day.’, she thought. As she was walking to her car she felt a shiver down her spine. It was late in the evening. The sun was setting. She started running to her car.

Fumbling with her keys she eventually got into the car. She breathed slowly and deeply, pushing away the moment of fear. ‘There is nothing to worry about’ she told herself.

As she drove the car out of the parking house, she a saw a man standing in the rain as if waiting for something. She considered stopping, but the fear started creeping up her spine again, so she drove on. In the back mirror, she saw the man’s face. It looked like Noah and he was grinning.

She refocused on the road and drove home.