The Call

Hey, you still there?

I’ll keep bugging you! Let’s go I’m ready!

Oh, the silent treatment?

Ok, ok. I am sorry, I was an ass the other week.

  • I’m listening.

I was really down, had lot’s to do at work. Having you come around afterwards just put me on edge. But I really appreciate the effort you made.

  • Acceptable. You’ll have to work harder next time though.

We sit at the desk for about an hour, only to be interrupted by a phone call.

  • Who is it?

Let me check.

It’s my mother. I’ve been a bit reclusive. I should pick up.

  • Really? I think we should keep writing. After all we just got into the flow.

hmm… I’ll send her a quick message.

The quick message turns into a 20 minute conversation.

  • You done now?

Yeah, let’s keep going.

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