It’s about Time – Part 6

If you have not read Part 1, I highly recommend starting there.

The Author

As Sarah felt her self begin to dance, she noticed the mans clothing. He was wearing a tuxedo, with a red rose tucked into his vest pocket. A light perfume tickled her nose as she noticed her own hand was gilded in a white glove, intrically patterned with a floral design. Curiosly she look down, only to see the same floral pattern repeated in her dress.

Looking back up, her eyes met with the mans’. His eyes friendly, yet betraying an undenielable force with in him. He smilled gently and for a moment the whole world slowed as they danced together.

Sarahs’ ears picked up the music they had been dancing to, a beautiful and peaceful song that spoke to her heart. She allowed her gaze to wander off. The world had shifted around them, there were dozends of couples dancing about the well lit room. A live band played at one end of the hall and the large dance floor was surrounded by many diner tables.

The man leaned in closer, to whisper in her ear: “The name is Jacob, it is a true pleasure to meet you Sarah.” ‘Had she given him her name before?’, Sarah began to think. “Oh thank you, it is an honor to be in your presence, Jacob.” Sarah heard herself say.

Before Sarah could think further on what was happening, the music picked up the pace and they were in the midst of a waltz. ‘I never learned to dance, how is it so easy to follow the rhythm?’, she pondered.

A little while later Jacob led Sarah to a table. She was glad to be able to sit. “I never knew dancing would be so “, ‘exhausting’ Sarah thought, yet heard “freeing.” Jacob ppulled a chair back and signaled for her to sit only to take the opposite chair of the small square dinner table. Without words Sarah looked at her hand moving towards the mid of the table and meeting Jacobs’ open hand.

“Tonight is a very special night. We have gathered here, to celebrate the joining of two souls.”, a voice said from the stage where the band had earlier been playing. “May they live through the ages joyously, leaning on oneanother in times of crisis and celbrating the times of relief. May they weep in pleasure and fight valliantly through the pain.”

“Tonight we celebrate the marriage of Sarah and Jacob!” The room exploded into applause as Sarah felt herself rise and kiss her husband.