The Upload – Part 6

Andrea had finished the painting of the blue bird a couple of days ago. Since then everything seemed easier, like a curse had been lifted. Her classmates at school were more friendly and her even little brother Tony had been more managable. The whole world seemed to know that she had finished a masterpiece.

‘I should really get it framed.’ Andrea pondered. ‘A dark oak wood frame would accentuate the colors, although a light frame might go with the feeling better.’ It was still early in this sunday, she would have plenty of time to find the right frame.

She had drawn a sketch with a light yellow color and painted over it using her oil-based colors. The oil colors were vibrant just like her memory of that day. ‘I wonder if I will see it again.’

“May I come in.” It was Tonys’ voice that snapped her back into her room. “Sure, what’s up?”, She replied. “Can I have your pencil sharpener? It broke while i was drawing.” “Yeah, it’s right here. What were you drawing?” “A bird. It has been sitting at my window for the past twenty minutes. I hope it is still there.”

Andreas’ heart fluttered, “What kind of bird?”. “A little blue one. Wanna see?” They tiptoed over to Tonys’ room and there it was, the very same bird Andrea had pet a couple of weeks ago. It even had the same spot of red at the crown of it’s head.