It’s about Time – Part 7

In that moment she recognized the force, that had been pulling a veil over her eyes. Without thinking she slapped the man in front of her straight across the face.

“Why are you doing this to me? I did not ask for this!” she screamed as ran out the door. The room fell silent as they looked at what remained of Jacob. Only a smoking pile of electrical components were left on the floor. As the people in the room struggled to realize what happened, they started to panik and ran out the various doors as well.

Sarah had run out of the hall only to find herself back at the bench with the blue bird. “Was it so bad?” the bird asked. “No, but it did not feel real. It all went to fast” Sarah responded. “You realize that nothing is here, right?”. “Well ‘nothing’ can bite my ass” She swore raising a fist into the air. “That could be arranged.” the bird stated. “I don’t think you actually want that.”

She just stared at the bird for an aquard minute, before she felt a gentle grab at her bottom. Yet when she turned around there was nobody to be seen.

“You asked for it.” the bird said smugly. “I did.” she said, her voice wavering a little. “You see, this is your dream. I am just here to give you guidance.”

“And before you go off jumping of a bridge to wake up. I give you question: What would you want in your life that you have never been able to do?” the bird smiled as he hopped to the top of the bench.

Sarah stood there flabbergasted. “I do not know yet.” she realized. “I have always been able to do the things I set my mind to, I never needed a dream to try and do anything I have not done yet.”

“Sorry to burst that bubble, but this is a dream sent to you by a friend. They just wanted you to know, life can be anything you want it to be and there are people that will facilit├Ąte that which you want.”

In that moment Sarah realized her life before and decided she wanted to go back. “I’ll see you in another life, be good until then.” The bird chirped, just before Sarah woke up.